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The Disease to Please book download

The Disease to Please book download

The Disease to Please by Harriet Braiker

The Disease to Please

The Disease to Please pdf download

The Disease to Please Harriet Braiker ebook
Format: pdf
Page: 288
ISBN: 9780071385640
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The

Fortunately, I realized I was afflicted by the disease to please. The “disease to please” pattern is deeply held and all encompassing in the very matrix of the connection. I found it helpful to first test to what extent I put other people's needs before my own using an exercise in the “Disease to Please” book. Not just nice people who go overboard trying to make everyone happy. People-pleasers whose distorted thinking is the predominant cause of their syndrome are ensnared in burdensome and self-defeating mindsets that perpetuate their disease to please problems. Braiker's first book (that I read) was The Type E Woman (for the woman who tries to be everything to everyone). I didn't give much homework—in fact I didn't require much of them. There is a stupid disease that has never been diagnosed properly in many believers – the disease to please. Are you suffering from the 'Disease to Please'……if so then you may be slowly killing yourself. Let's just say I found a few tidbits in there for myself and for others I knew. So I kept searching for the miracle text or the miracle activity they would enjoy. One thing I have become very aware of lately is the fact that my empath ability has created something else. I wanted the students to like me. We practice these behaviours out of our desire to be liked or loved and so begins the visious cycle of the 'Disease to Please'. In actuality, the “disease to please” is a compulsive — even addictive — behavior pattern in which you feel controlled by your need to please others, and addicted to their approval.